Three Fates Rosé 2023


Lively, fruitful Rosé here. Don’t freak out, it’s still dry and crisp, but with vibrancy and a light grip. Strawberry, watermelon, cherry and spice, it’s time to up your Rosé game, and this is the wine for it. Predominantly hand picked, organic Syrah, with a little Cabernet Franc and Albarino bringing depth of flavour. Delicious. 

The three fates are Holly Girven Russell, Hester Nesbitt and Casey Motley. In another case of old mate COVID causing a change of tack, these three decided to combine their respective wine growing experience, taking on the lease of a Maraekākaho, Hawkes Bay vineyard in 2020. It’s a trio of things we love here at BTB - talented people going out on their own, alternative grape varieties, and wines that are thoughtful, modern expressions of great New Zealand wine regions.