A Thousand Gods Midi Piquette 2023


We’ve been on the hunt for a Piquette for a while, and to be honest we’ve had a hard time finding one we really like. Until now. Midi is pretty, juicy and fresh, with a nice touch of palate weight. L’après midi in the park or backyard please.

Piquette, for the uninitiated, is a clever byproduct. Water is added to the leftover marc or pomace (skins and pulp) from the winemaking process.  A little unfermented juice is added as well in this case. It’s then fermented to a low alcohol level, Midi is just 8.5%. 

After spending a decade making wine in Cahors in the south west of France, Lauren and Simon Sharpe have returned to New Zealand to produce wine under their own label ‘A Thousand Gods’. Made from hand-picked fruit grown at Churton’s biodynamic, Marlborough vineyards, the wines are fermented with wild yeast, with no additions, fining or filtering. All their winemaking experience and talent is evident, these wines are poised and delicious.

Organic, low alcohol