A Thousand Gods Love Letters 2022


Excuse the wine wank for a moment, but this tasty bottle is in this great, non-binary space that isn’t rosé but isn’t red either. It’s beautifully fragrant in red fruits, tea, watermelon and wild herbs. It has sumptuous palate weight with chalky freshness, and is made from Pinot Noir with a splash of Viognier. Chill and enjoy.

After spending a decade making wine in Cahors in the south west of France, Lauren and Simon Sharpe have returned to New Zealand to produce wine under their own label ‘A Thousand Gods’. Made from hand-picked fruit grown at Churton’s biodynamic, Marlborough vineyards, the wines are fermented with wild yeast, with no additions, fining or filtering. All their winemaking experience and talent is evident, these wines are poised and delicious. 

Organic, unfined unfiltered, no additions