Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Rye Whiskey 700ml


Kentucky Owl's Wiseman Whiskey offers a light and sweet nose with a hint of rye spice complemented by caramel. On the palate, the flavours intensify with a pleasant kick of spice, showcasing a traditional Kentucky rye profile with a balance of sweetness and spice. The finish leaves a satisfying impression as the classic Kentucky rye flavours mingle on the palate before gently fading away.

Established in 1879 by Kentucky distiller Charles Mortimer Dedman, Kentucky Owl was a prosperous brand that fell into obscurity during Prohibition. However, in 2014, Dedman's great-great-grandson, Dixon Dedman, along with Mark & Sherri Carter, revived the brand. They began by offering small-batch, barrel-proof bourbon blends sourced from undisclosed stocks. These releases gained a cult following due to their exceptional quality and limited availability. The revival coincided with the Bourbon Boom, propelling Kentucky Owl back into the spotlight as a producer of remarkable one-time releases crafted from carefully sourced, middle-aged whiskeys. Fortunately, Kentucky Owl now offers The Wiseman range as part of their regular releases, striking a balance between affordability and outstanding quality.