The Wiseman Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 700ml


The Wiseman Bourbon, is the first Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced and distilled by Kentucky Owl in collaboration with the Bardstown Bourbon Company, both located in The Bourbon Capital of the World — Bardstown, Kentucky. This Bourbon is made by blending together four Kentucky Straight Bourbons with ages from 4 years old through to 8 years. Aromas and flavours of sweet caramel, stone fruits and citrus flow through the palate with vanilla and allspice on the finish. Great for cocktails or sipping neat with a piece of chocolate cake. 

Established in 1879 by Kentucky distiller Charles Mortimer Dedman, Kentucky Owl was a prosperous brand that fell into obscurity during Prohibition. However, in 2014, Dedman's great-great-grandson, Dixon Dedman, along with Mark & Sherri Carter, revived the brand. They began by offering small-batch, barrel-proof bourbon blends sourced from undisclosed stocks. These releases gained a cult following due to their exceptional quality and limited availability. The revival coincided with the Bourbon Boom, propelling Kentucky Owl back into the spotlight as a producer of remarkable one-time releases crafted from carefully sourced, middle-aged whiskeys. Fortunately, Kentucky Owl now offers The Wiseman range as part of their regular releases, striking a balance between affordability and outstanding quality.