The New French Wine By Jon Bonné


Jon Bonné is an American food and wine journalist. His achievements in wine and food journalism have earned him numerous accolades, including a record-setting three Roederer Awards, an IACP Award, and nearly a dozen recognitions from the James Beard Foundation.

In "The New French Wine" (Ten Speed Press, 2023), Jon Bonné narrates the transformative story of the world's premier wine culture during a pivotal period of evolution.

At the heart of the global wine industry lies France, where, in the last two decades, French wine has undergone a simultaneous process of deconstruction and reconstruction, guided by a skilled cohort of innovative winemakers.

This emerging generation recognizes the immense value of French terroir—the cherished traditions, renowned vineyards, and prestige. However, they grapple with the challenges posed by a bureaucratic system that hinders progress and complicates the journey for the small independent vignerons who form the backbone of French wine.