Scapegrace X Prophet's Rock White Vermouth 750ml


Paul and the Prophet’s Rock team produce such kick-arse Pinot Gris you’d think they’d be reluctant to make Vermouth from it. Fortunately not at all. Their wild ferment, 10 month barrel aged Pinot Gris was fortified with wheat based grain spirit from the Scapegrace team, and aromatised with locally foraged elderflower, wild thyme, dandelion, Kanuka and grapefruit. Citrusy, floral with an earthy undertone, this is harmonious and fresh. We’d happily sip on it on its own, but equally it will amp up your next all-Kiwi wet martini. 

With the premise of vermouth being a wine that’s fortified with spirit and aromatised, it provides a great opportunity for a colab. Two neighbours in Bendigo, Central Otago have done just that, and wonderfully so. The wine comes from Prophet’s Rock and the spirit from Scapegrace, at their new distillery next door. With locally foraged botanicals, these first releases are delicious.