Saison Marigold Vin Amaro 500ml


Amaro has been a classic Italian digestif for centuries, so it's exciting to see Australians have a red hot crack at making it. And very successfully indeed. Venus apricots, coriander seed, smoked white grapefruit and burnt blood orange were all steeped in skin-contact Fiano and sweetened with local honey. Aged in old Pinot Noir barrels, it’s rich and flavoursome, with a lovely black tea-like edge and a warming finish.

So true to its botanicals, and not weighed down by heavy spice, we enjoy this neat from the fridge, or with a little ice and a splash of soda. But equally, it's a beautifully aromatic addition to the latest cocktail you’re playing around with at home.

Dave Verheul of Saison, is leading the modern vermouth movement in Australia. A kiwi, and the former chef of iconic Wellington restaurant Matterhorn, he now owns Melbourne wine bar, Embla (a trip to Melbourne is not complete without a visit).  Saison Vermouths move with the seasons - no two vintages are the same.  Singular fruit flavours and uncommon Australian herbs are a focus. Both the botanicals and base wine are sourced from biodynamic and organic farms in Victoria.