Saison House Vermouth 750ml


True to their house style, this is on the fragrant, fresh fruited side of red Vermouth. Unencumbered by heavy spice, it drinks beautifully on its own over ice, or with soda. Equally it’ll bring an aromatic lift and lighter touch to your next Negroni or Americano. With local Victorian botanicals, the base wines are Moscato and Shiraz.

Dave Verheul of Saison, is leading the modern vermouth movement in Australia. A kiwi, and the former chef of iconic Wellington restaurant Matterhorn, he now owns Melbourne wine bar, Embla (a trip to Melbourne is not complete without a visit).  Saison Vermouths move with the seasons - no two vintages are the same.  Singular fruit flavours and uncommon Australian herbs are a focus. Botanicals are sourced from biodynamic and organic farms in Victoria.