Pōkeno Discovery Single Malt 700ml


Discovery is a bold layered single malt which is matured in first fill bourbon, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Casks. Blended together and laid back down in cask allowing flavours to marry perfectly together.

Once renowned for its ice creams, Pōkeno now boasts a new claim to fame with Pōkeno Distillery, proudly holding the title of the country's largest single malt distillery. While the idea of establishing a whisky haven in Pōkeno might seem unexpected, founder Matt Johns sees it differently: “For us as craft distillers, Pōkeno is a hidden treasure, blessed with the supply of pure spring water from the surrounding volcanic hills and climate conditions that expedite the maturation process and flavour development within the barrel.”

Pōkeno Whisky epitomises a seamless fusion of expertise, top-notch ingredients, and innovative craftsmanship. The distillery sources premium Laureate barley from family-owned farms in Canterbury, orchestrating a meticulous process utilising a state-of-the-art Scottish-made 4,000L wash still and 3,800L spirit still. This includes slow 72 to 80-hour fermentation and deliberate double distillation, resulting in a front-ended, immaculate spirit boasting abundant tropical fruit notes and a luxuriously viscous malty biscuit base.