Natural State Pied De Cuve 2022


Pied de Cuve roughly translates to the foot of the tank, but in winemaking terms it’s the equivalent of your sourdough starter. A small batch fermenting to get yeast alive, healthy and growing in order to kick off the ferments of the rest of the grapes coming in. Out of curiosity, the guys at Churton decided to bottle this cuve. And it’s curiously tasty (and mostly) Sauvignon Blanc. There’s the variety’s signature spiky cleanness with the fleshly palate of a ripe apple.

The Natural State releases from Ben and Jack at Churton keep getting better every year. Best value, organic wines going around. Their parents, Sam and Mandy Weaver started their Waihopai Valley, Marlborough estate in the late 80’s. They’ve always looked to winegrowing with a serious respect for their environment, and this is set to continue.

"Looking after the farm’s biology whether that’s above or below ground is part of Churton’s essence, from the soil microbiology to the birdlife and insects The many elements of the property combine to create the spiritual essence of Churton and the liquid expression of our place." Sam Weaver