Natural State Pinot Noir 2022


This pinot is a great example of the exciting new wave of wines coming out of Marlborough. It ticks every box as far as thoughtful quaffers go. It’s certified organic, with no additives, has bright, vibrant fruit, structure and it’s moorish. Its a great combo with a cheesy eggplant lasagne, or simply with your night on the couch.

The Natural State releases from Ben and Jack at Churton keep getting better every year. Best value, organic wines going around. Their parents, Sam and Mandy Weaver started their Waihopai Valley, Marlborough estate in the late 80’s. They’ve always looked to winegrowing with a serious respect for their environment, and this is set to continue.

"Looking after the farm’s biology whether that’s above or below ground is part of Churton’s essence, from the soil microbiology to the birdlife and insects The many elements of the property combine to create the spiritual essence of Churton and the liquid expression of our place." Sam Weaver