Marto Riesling 2019


Clean and intricate, delicately tropical with a famililar sandstone minerality. Under German law, Martin is unable to put the village on the label, so the rock is a nod to Flonheim and its characteristic sandstone.

Martin Wörner, the driving force behind Marto Wines, stands at the forefront of Germany's new winemaking era. With roots in a family of innovators, his grandfather pioneered bottling his grapes in Flonheim, Rheinhessen. While his father navigated the challenging 1980s German wine market, leaning towards strawberries.

Following studies and experiences at remarkable organic and biodynamic producers, Martin earned his stripes. To the delight of his parents, he assumed control of the vineyard in 2015. Tending to five hectares organically with a touch of biodynamics, every vineyard task is meticulously done by hand, showcasing Martin's commitment to authenticity. His wines, disrupting German winemaking norms, remain unfined, unfiltered, and additive-free. Martin's story is more than viticulture; it's a tale of rejuvenating tradition and charting a course for the future of German winemaking.

Organic, unfined, unfiltered, minimal added sulphites