L'Acino Chora Bianco 2022


For all its honeyed, tropical fruited flavour, this wine finishes super dry with length and firmness. It’s a ripper, but we have to be upfront with you. Despite calling this an orange wine, there’s actually no skin contact in its making. The grape variety Mantonico has such thick skins that even when it’s made like a white wine it tastes orange, so we’ve run with that. From Calabria, the toe of the boot of Italy, vineyards are cooled by their elevated aspect, and farmed organically.

In 2006, with no viticultural or winemaking experience (but with a love of wine), Dino Briglio and two of his mates purchased a 1.5 hectare vineyard in Calabria and started L’Acino. Dedicated to championing local varieties and old vines, Dino now organically farms 15 hectares at altitudes between 400 and 600 metres. 

Organic, unfined, unfiltered, minimal added sulphites