Kiwi Negroni Pack


There's nothing better than being able to make an iconic cocktail using local ingredients. Especially the Negroni as it was originally created using locally sourced gin, vermouth and Bitters. Our Kiwi Negroni is made up from gin, vermouth and bitters that are created right here by New Zealand's first organic distillery, Hastings Distillers.

The Negroni has it all, Italian design which is steeped in over a hundred years of history. A cool creation story - Sitting at a cafe in Florence Count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano but changed the soda to gin. The Bartender changed the lemon garnish to an orange garnish to signify a different drink, here the Negroni was created and loved.

It has the cachet that when ordering with a bartender, it can only be likened to being a part of your favourite secret childhood club that has a hand shake and everything. There's an immediate understanding between you and the bartender that you know what your'e doing here.

The best thing about the Negroni though, is how understated this highly acclaimed cocktail is. All the other greats need fancy glassware or salted rims to stand out. They often require vigorous shaking to taste great. The humble Negroni just needs a short glass and gentle stir, it's easy to make and to make well.

Pack Includes

East Block 200 Gin 700ml

Rubis Rouge Vermouth 750ml

L'Opera 700ml

Recipe card