Huntress Kuratea 2023


Jannine’s Kuratea is a light, chillable expression of Martinborough Pinot Noir from the organic Stad-Ko vineyard. With jubey red and dark fruit, a little brambly notes, and a crunchy palate, it’s light and bright and just the ticket.

We go on about ‘place’ a lot when talking about wine. With Jannine Rickards (the Huntress herself), you get a sense of how genuine and important that is. In collaboration with excellent growers, her wines come from the Wairarapa. Jannine and her partner forage, fish and hunt. This and the respect they have for their environment shapes these beautiful wines.

“We are intentionally looking to bring layers to the wines that will unfold with a delicious feast of wild foods and homegrown vegetables. We must have respect for living creatures and an understanding of the intricacies of life cycles, seasons, and our place amongst them. We are as much a part of the land as the land is part of us” - Jannine Rickards, Huntress