Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz 2016


Edelstone translates from the German ‘Edelstein’ meaning gemstone, appropriate as this vineyard is a gem in the crown of the Australian wine industry. Planted in 1912, very old Shiraz vines are dry grown on 500 million year old geology of sandy loams over deep, red clays. Deep soils produce a deep, richly textured, and intensely flavoured Shiraz. This is a revered and celebrated single vineyard, single varietal wine from the Eden Valley, to the east of the Barossa, in the Lofty Ranges.

One of the first families of Australian wine, the Henschkes are in their 6th generation of wine growing and produce a couple of Aussie’s most iconic wines. They keep striving for (and achieving) excellence, with their Eden Valley, Barossa and Adelaide Hills vineyards currently in the hands of the 5th generation, Prue and Stephen Henschke. They’ve worked hard to protect their land for the future. With biodynamic and organic practices, sustainability initiatives, and a mass selection vine propagation programme, the estate is in amazing shape for 6th generation and beyond.

Organic, biodynamic, dry grown