Halite Light Dry Red 2023


Bright red berried fruits with an earthy, woody undertone, this a light red is made from co-fermented Hawkes Bay Syrah and Martinborough Pinot Noir. Both varieties bring their own fragrance and character to the party. We’d throw it in the fridge for 20 minutes before your party.

Haidee and Ben source organically grown fruit from both Bridge Pa in Hawkes Bay and the terraces of Martinborough to produce their two light and bright wines. They’ve both got a wealth of experience making wine in New Zealand and overseas, and they sum up Halite wines so nicely -

“Halite is commonly known as rock salt and it is our aim to create ‘salt of the earth wines’; wines that are very good and honest. The kind of wines that alight your senses and bring out the dance and joy, these are the kind of wines that we love and hope to share with you.”

Organically grown, unfined, unfiltered, vegan