El Dorado 3 Year Silver Rum 700ml


The El Dorado Silver rum represents Guyana in a bottle. The rum has a distinct flavour note of
vanilla and toasted coconuts with a dry finish of brown sugar. The El Dorado Silver has been
aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years and filtered through charcoal which brings a smooth and versatile rum of quality. The El Dorado 3 year Silver rum is best enjoyed in cocktails such as a
Daiquiri or a simple rum & coke.

The El Dorado aged rums are created on the banks of Demerara, showcasing 300 years of
Caribbean rum craftsmanship. Demerara county has a rich history in sugar and rum production
since the 17th century. The El Dorado rum’s collection is unique as the rums are aged between 3
to 25 years with the age on the bottle being the youngest rum in the blend with the oldest being
even higher.