Burn Cottage Moonlight Race Pinot Noir 2022


It’s appropriate to think about light when tasting this wine. It’s not an immediate, sun-lit style of Central Otago Pinot Noir. This wine reveals itself romantically and slowly, as if by the strained light of the moon. Put life/Netflix on pause for a bit and take time to discover its complexity. Moonlight Race is a blend of fruit from two biodynamic vineyards, the original Burn Cottage Vineyard on the Western side of Lake Dunstan, and the Sauvage Vineyard in Bannockburn. 

The Sauvage Family, who own Burn Cottage, are people of the land, whether its farming grapes, wheat, cattle or cotton, in the US, Australia, Germany or New Zealand. They show respect to the land, practising  biodynamics in their Central Otago vineyards. With winemaking in the hands of the brilliant Clare Mulholland, the wines continue to be an elegant, understated and very well considered expression of Central Otago.


Organic, biodynamic, vegan, unfiltered, unfined, minimal sulphites added