Black Estate Damsteep Pét-Nat 2023


The makers of New Zealand’s best Pet-Nats are back with this extremely delicious, single vineyard release. The 2023 is made with two thirds Riesling and one third Pinot Noir and has no added sulphur. It's alive with effervescence and fruit concentration, juicy and ready to go. Fun fact - the Damsteep vineyard is named that because it is…. damn steep. 

Black Estate is passionately owned and run by Pen Naish, Nicholas Brown and their families. They make wines from 3 organically certified, biodynamic practicing vineyards in North Canterbury. It’s an evolving commitment to making excellent wine with true respect for their place. This commitment has deservedly been recognised by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine, who named Nicholas as their New Zealand Winemaker of the year for 2022.  

Organic, vegan, unfined, unfiltered, no additives