Mas d’En Gil Bellmunt Priorat 2016


If you love the wines of the Rhone Valley, Tuscany or Rioja, then Priorat should be on your radar, and this wine would be a top notch introduction. It’s mostly Grenache and has the bright red fruit and spice we love of the variety. We see the slate soils expressed in enticing undertones of wet stone, and with grainy tannin.

Having been in the wine industry for his whole career, Pere Rovira has worked hard at Mas d’En Gil, with his two daughters, to create outstanding Priorat using organic and biodynamic principles. Bellmunt is a village in the southern part of the region and means beautiful mountain. The effects of the Garbinada, the cooling sea breeze is said to be a distinctive to this part of the region.   

As a wine region, Priorat’s beginnings are monastic and go back centuries. The mountainous region with slate soils was farmed by Carthusian monks, but from the late 19th century the region became lost. In the 1980’s a small group of ambitious winemakers reclaimed Priorat for quality wine (reds in particular), and the wines made a serious splash in the States and UK.

Organic, biodynamic