Antica Torino Amaro della Sacra 750ml


With a focus on authenticity this amaro brings together separate infusions of herbs, spices, roots, barks, resins, seeds and flowers. The result is an amaro with sweet spices bellowing out of the glass along with a generous bitter sweet palate. A great way to finish up an evening with friends. Ideal on the rocks with an orange zest to garnish. 

The label designed in 1925 by Francesco Carandini, an historian and poet from Piedmont, depicts a Benedictine monk intent on the study of an ancient text, entitled ‘Vox Dei Silentium’ (silence is the voice of God).

Antica Torino is a partnership and passion project between Vittorio Zoppi and Umbrian wine maker Filippo Antonelli. Located in the city of Turin in northern Italy, famously the birthplace of Vermouth. They utilise local ingredients and traditional recipes to produce vermouths and Amaro's that are unequivocally the real deal.