Amoise Cabernet Franc 2023


Single varietal Cabernet Franc is finally getting some limelight. It's intriguing bright but dark fruited aromatics are centre stage here. There's a little brambly note too, with softness in the texture, and a chalky dry finish. Leaning towards more of medium bodied 'Loire Valley' style, Amy has clearly navigated a difficult vintage very very well. Her dedication in the vineyard pays off big time in the glass.

Starting Amoise in Hawkes Bay in 2018, Amy Farnsworth sources fruit from organic vineyards, producing expressive natural wines. They offer immediate drinking pleasure, with plenty to contemplate in the glass. As well as having incredible passion and enthusiasm, Amy’s depth of experience is amazing, having worked for the likes of Camille Giroud, Vietti, Alain Graillot, Marcel Lapierre, Brokenwood, Black Estate, Felton Road and Paritua.

Organic, unfined, unfiltered, no additives, vegan