Silvio Carta Aperitivo Aspide Spritz 1L


A great alternative to some of the other more well known players in the spritz market. 

Silvio Carta use infusions of Sardinian citrus and wild botanicals that are used fresh, no more than 1 hour after being harvested. Master distiller Elio is committed to sustainably using wild plants and ensures each plant, flower, berry is harvested at the optimal time.  That encapsulates the essence of Silvio Carta's spirits and liqueurs which have earned themselves a great reputation both in Italy and the world over. 

With an amazing strawberry hue, Aspide spritz is distinctly more savoury than sweet with a bitter blood orange zest on the finish. Enjoy in the traditional spritz way - Prosecco and soda over ice - or simply on ice with a big slice of orange.