Cocchi Americano Bianco 750ml


 This is a wine based spirit is infused with flowers and leaves of gentian, mugwort, cinchona, bitter orange peel, elderberry and more. You will see this on the shelves of all great bars. Versatile in use, great on its own over ice or great with soda as an aperitif and has been a key component in many legendary cocktails.

Our favourite way to use the Cocchi is in the iconic cocktail, Rob Roy. 45ml's of whisky, 15ml's Cocchi with a few dashes of bitters stirred over ice and served in a coupe with a lemon peel for garnish. 

In the late nineteenth century Giulio Cocchi, a young and creative pastry chef from Florence moved to Asti, in the north west of Italy and set up his distilling and sparkling wine making. Here he focused on using the best wines of the region to make his wine based spirits.