Old Pal Pack


A Kiwi variation of the 'Old Pal' cocktail. One of many long standing classic cocktails created by legendary bartender Harry MacElhone of Harry’s Bar in Paris. The use of rye whisky and dry vermouth essentially makes it a drier version of another of Harry's creations the Boulevardier.

The ability to feature all locally made ingredients to recreate this sublime straight up cocktail is an absolute salute to how good Aotearoa's spirit scene is. Dry Vermouth from pioneering vermouth producer Reid & Reid, orange bitter L'Opera from the first organic distillery in NZ and a Rye & Barley whisky from rising stars Thomson Whisky. 

Fans of cocktails such as the Manhattan, Boulevardier and Negroni will love this.  

Pack contains

Hastings Distillers L'Opera 700ml

Reid + Reid Dry Vermouth 700ml

Thomson Whisky Rye & Barley 700ml

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