Testalonga Cahn’s Pinotage 2021


If you love Pinot Noir and Gamay, then have a hoon on this. Pinotage is a variety that’s particular to South Africa, and it’s expression in light, chillable styles like this has been a welcome progression. The ‘Cahn’ here is Martin Cahnbley, an absolute gentlemen in the kiwi wine trade, and our leading importer of South African Wine. This wine is made just for him (so by association, just for you).

Testalonga are taking the new world by storm. They’re situated in Swartland, around South Africa’s western tip, north of Cape Town. Craig and Carla Hawkins have been making wine there since 2008 and are regarded as pioneers of natural winemaking in South Africa. Organic farming was non negotiable from the very beginning for Craig and Carla. As they simply state on their labels, Testalonga wines are just "Made from Grapes".