12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

We all know those 12 Days of Christmas. Regardless of which 12, these are the days that require a little fortification, a good back up plan, an extra glass of joy. We’ve put together 12 drinks to cover those very moments. 

The New 12 Days of Christmas.

The Gift You Forgot

So thoughtfully produced and presented, Ata Rangi’s Crimson Pinot Noir makes for silky, seamless and considered gifting. This iconic Martinborough winery continues to excel and contribute to conservation efforts in Aotearoa.

Christmas shopping recovery

Traffic, parking, crowds, queues. Get home, unmask and relax with the best G&T you’ll have this summer. Hastings Distillery East Block 200 Gin with Strange Love Dirty Tonic is indeed a tonic.

Chosen to Impress

Local, organic, and delicious, with a label designed by Kate Sylvester referencing Frances Hodgkins. Made in the same method as Champagne, the story and taste of Huia Sparkling Rosé 2018 won’t fail to impress at endless rounds of Chrissy drinks.

Hair of the Dog 

The shandy is shamelessly a part of our summer repertoire. After the odd overindulgence try Duncan’s Yuzu Lager with Imperial Yuzu Lemonade, bringing new life to a classic….. possibly bringing new life to you.             


Essential self-care for this time of year. If you’re AFD-ing, make sure you and your Non-Alc mates drink well. Non 1 is the perfect option. Delicious, a little bit fancy and festive. Jazz it up with some ice in a wine glass and garnish with some fruit. 

Drinks with the In-laws

For a drink that’ll span generations, reach for Millton Te Arai Chenin Blanc 2019. A wine that’s mature in its texture and composure, yet youthful in its freshness and fruit. This is Chenin Blanc from our first certified organic winegrower that has a cult following around the world.

The ‘Come Back to Ours’ Classic

A handy one to keep in the fridge. Koyama Brut Nature Sparkling Riesling has a vibrancy and energy to match those spontaneous nights. Dry, sparkling Riesling from Waipara is a drink that’s about as random and memorable as those very occasions.

Kris Kringle

Or Secret Santa, or whatever it’s bloody called. Knock off your sub $25 gifting with a practical, stylish By The Bottle Tote Bag. Totes covering all bases. 


As you summon the energy to get yourself in an Uber and out for the night, take a moment for a Three Wise Birds Nectarine Cider. It’s the new Shower Beer. It’s light, refreshing and as cool, calm and collected as you.

Wish you were there

On holiday that is. After the year we’ve had, summer holidays couldn’t come fast enough. Dune Bonaire Rosé is the dry, fresh reminder that a break is just over the sand dunes.

A Canapé Too Many

Get some probiotics in ya. Three Boys Strawberry Kombucha is a tasty, hydrating way to keep you going.

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