Show Me Some Skin


Long gone are the days where showing a bit of skin is frowned upon. In wine, skin contact whites are a style to be discovered and enjoyed. Experience them in the flesh for yourself with these three producers showcasing Pinot Gris, all made with different degrees of skin contact. It includes Organic Marlborough stalwart Fromm, young gun Rob Burley’s Unkel and cult favourite Pyramid Valley. 

What’s this all about?

Sometimes known as Orange or Amber wines, skin contact winemaking is a stylistic choice. More conservative, ‘get off my lawn’ members of the wine industry might have you believe this is a rogue movement from devil worshipping youths. But we see it as a style that’s here to stay and some of our top producers are on board.

Technically all red wines are skin contact wines, but when discussed as a category the term refers to the juice of white grape varieties spending time on their skins. This is as opposed to classic white winemaking where the juice is pressed immediately from the skins before fermentation. It’s not only colour that comes from the skins of the grape, but also a host of delicious flavour compounds. You might find more exotic, lifted aromatics, fuller body, and little more grip and dryness on the finish. 

Their robust nature makes these wines a great option for pairing to foods that are high in salt and fat (look no further than your favourite fried chicken joint) or with punchy flavours.

Pack Includes:

Fromm Organic Pinot Gris 2019

Unkel Rising Sun Pinot Gris 2019

Pyramid Valley Orange 2019