Serafini & Vidotto Il Rosso dell'Abazia 2015


We’re pretty sure Tony Soprano would dig this wine. The appeal of bold, charming fruit, with an intriguing dark side of savoury, chewy tannin. It’s a Cabernet Merlot blend from the Veneto region in Italy’s North and it’ll certainly scare off most Super Tuscans.

You might be wondering what these french varieties are doing being grown in Italy. The 70’s and 80’s in particular saw the modernisation of the Italian wine industry. Along with this came ambition and the idea of emulating the success of Bordeaux, from where Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot originate.

Serafini and Vidotto are mates from Uni where they both studied Oenology. Passionate about organic practices in the vineyard, they’re members of the Vino Libero - an Italian project uniting vineyards that produce wine in the most natural way possible, reducing the chemical processes used in conventional production.