Millton Florist Rosé 2021


This is supple, dry Rosé made from Malbec. It’s bright in fruit, fleshy with a clean refreshing finish. Named the Florist to acknowledge Annie Millton’s history in floristry, when she trained and worked in London in the late ‘70’s at Moyses Stevens Est. 1876 by Royal Appointment. Certified Biodynamic. 

James and Annie Millton are not only pioneers of the modern New Zealand wine industry, they’re also our first certified organic winegrower, and the oldest biodynamic producer in the Southern Hemisphere. From their Opou, Te Arai and Clos de Ste. Anne vineyards in Gisborne they produce energetic, textural wines that have an international following. James and Annie’s commitment to caring for their environment is matched by, and inextricably linked to the outstanding quality of wine they produce.