Kindeli Park Sider 2020 750ml


Whether its lying on the beach, walking to the dairy or carrying the chilly bin to meet your friends in the park, this Sider quenches any thirst created from the strenuous summer activities. Made from Apples and Pears off the organic orchard of Little Shaggery Farm, Nelson. Fruit is crushed and wild fermented with no added sulphur. This cider is the real deal, it's cloudy, fizzy and bonafide refreshing. For best appreciation, consume cold and anytime the sun is out.

Kindeli wines are created by Alex Craighead in Nelson, NZ. Alex has slowly been chipping away at the preconceived ideas of what wine is and can be in New Zealand. His experience gained working as a flying winemaker all over Europe has clearly shaped his ideas on how wine should be created.  His understanding of the environment in which he works seems to be the driving force of everything he does. Soon to be demeter-certified biodynamic in the vineyards and winery, Alex produces wines with absolutely no chemical inputs or additives. Alex and his Kindeli Wines are recognised around the world for being at the forefront of the natural wine movement.