Producer Showcase - Halcyon Days


This pack is a showcase of a producer we adore and believe are making true artistic expressions of a place and time. 

Your halcyon days are those times in your past that were happy and peaceful. In choosing a name for the wines Amy and Olly Hopkinson-Styles produce in Hawkes Bay, Halcyon Days was perfect. It conjured for them imagery of “big skies, open country”, referencing both Hawkes Bay, and Castilla y Leon in Spain where Amy honed her winemaking craft. It also encapsulates their approach to making wine, one that has been informed not just by the depth of their own experience in the wine industry, but also by older, even ancient methods of winemaking.

From the outset organic production has been front and centre for Amy and Olly. Their fruit comes from the alluvial soils of two certified organic vineyards, one in Bridge Pa and the other further west at Mangitahi. Their winemaking practices could be described as ‘low intervention’ or ‘hands off’, an approach that requires much more consideration, hard work and skill than the words ‘hands off’ might suggest.

Pack includes: 

Kōtare 2020

Ruth 2020 

Luz 2020