Gut Oggau Josephine Rot 2020


In 2007 Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck took over an abandoned vineyard in Burgenland, Austria. With a deep respect for nature and biodynamic principles, they set out to revitalise the vineyard. With two decades of hard work under their belts, Gut Oggau is a family of wines where each wine has its own name, personality and particular expression of the vineyard. Younger generations (Atanasius, Theodora, Winifred) are said to be more energetic and forthright where as the older generations (Joschuari, Emmeram, Timotheus, Josephine, Mechtild, Bertholdi) have a little bit more body and power. Each wine is personified by an illustrated face created by artist Jung von Matt. Gut Oggau are a beacon of biodynamic winemaking and a trailblazer in the world of natural wines.