Silvio Carta Grifu Gin 700ml


Wild juniper berries are hand-gathered from plants that grow 5-6 metres from the Sardinian coastline and are used fresh in the distillation process. A mix of fresh Sardinian wild botanicals is also added to the infusion, such as artemisia, mastic and sage. The result is a delicate, velvety gin which is juniper focused with a savoury follow through. This gin really lends itself to dirty martinis and and seaside G&T's. 

Silvio Carta is one of the most influential companies in Sardinia, and has earned a great reputation beyond regional borders thanks to the great quality of their liqueurs and spirits. At the helm is Elio, son of the founder Silvio, a talented oenologist-turned-distiller with a scrupulous respect for Sardinian tradition.