Emerald Wines Craic Sauvignon Blanc 2019


Serve this blind to your Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc hating friends to throw them off their perch. It’s deliciously understated, mineral and driven. Tasted blind we’d place it in the Loire Valley given it’s lack of typically pronounced fruit. It’s new wave Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a refreshingly different interpretation of the grape variety NZ hangs its hat on. 

‘Craic’ is an Irish word with no direct English translation, meaning abandonment, mischief and gossip. It’s a state of being and we’ve no doubt a few glasses of Craic would encourage this state of being. We do however see the wines as a bloody serious expression of what Marlborough can do. Emerald Wines is the combination of Michelle Barry’s depth of knowledge in soil science and viticultural research, as well as Tom Hindmarsh’s depth of experience at great wineries around the world, including Martinborough’s iconic Dry River.