Claus Preisinger Bonsai Blaufränkisch 2020


A thoroughly Central European variety, we’ve tasted Blaufränkisch in all manner of styles, from light to full bodied. This sits at the light bodied end with plenty of florals, red fruit, freshness, and a satisfying, chalky finish. We’d suggest a good shake around a decanter before drinking, as it carries a bit of dissolved carbon dioxide left as a natural preservative. 

Claus Preisinger is based in Burgenland, on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl in the town of Gols. This might not ring any bells, but it’s south east of Vienna, and basically the home of Austria’s top notch reds in particular. From small, dry-farmed parcels totalling 20 hectares, Claus has quickly become renowned for wines made naturally with minimal intervention. He is committed to biodynamic production, achieving certification in 2009.

Organic, biodynamic, dry farmed, unfined, unfiltered, minimal added sulphites