Bootleg Brewery Oak Aged Dark Saison 500ml


This dark American oak aged saison is refreshing along with offering the best of what a we love about dark ales, dark fruits and chocolate flavours. 

French for “season,” Saison is a traditional, pastoral ale that originated in the farmhouses of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. The historic style is characterised by low alcohol, a light body, and high carbonation.

Word of mouth lead us to the discovery of Bootleg Brewing. A friend of ours who is an incredible chef recommended we try a few of bootleg beers. From all our experience in the hospitality industry we have learnt to always trust a chef when it comes to drinking beer. So as soon as we tasted the bootleg beers it was not surprising to us the quality of beers being made. Located in Matangi, Hamilton you will find the brewery and their tap room. The core range offer punchy beers with flavour and boldness that only suggest there is nothing fake about these beers. Then when you get to see the Matangi small batch beers its so impressive, they are experimental, original and packed with flavour.