Bernard Fouquet Aubuisières Cuvée de Silex Vouvray 2019


This Silex Vouvray is invigorating, just off-dry Chenin Blanc. From Vouvray’s clay/flint soils, which are known locally as ‘Perruches’, it’s a deft expression of both the charm and power of the wines of Vouvray. Pretty, citrus florals and subtle sweetness bring the charm, chalky acidity brings the power. Fruit from vines that are all at least 50 years old is stainless steel fermented to ensure the purity of fruit shines through.

Bernard Fouquet founded his Vouvray estate in the 1980’s, having worked in Burgundy and Alsace. He makes precise expressions of Chenin Blanc in a range of different styles, including sparkling, dry, off-dry and very sweet. Vouvray, on the right bank of the Loire River and to the east of the city of Tours, is the largest AOC for Chenin Blanc in France. Dissected by tributaries of the river, conditions are well suited for the development of noble rot (Botrytis cinerea). The sweet wines produced are some of the most celebrated and ageable in the world. The dry and off dry wines don’t disappoint either.