Luc Lapeyre Avis de Vin Frais Rosé 2020


Avis de Vin Frais translates to notice of fresh wine. 

We've been given notice. And this sure is fresh. It's light, bright, dry Rosé from the Langeudoc region in France. This is the kind of wine you quaff on a European holiday without too much thought, or a care in the world. We think it's probably a good time to channel that kind of energy.

Luc Lapeyre and his son Jean Yves make organic, natural wine with passion and heart from their family vineyards in Minervois. This appellation is encompassed in the Languedoc-Roussillon, the large but lesser-known growing areas along the Mediterranean in South West France. Like the Lapeyres, a lot of producers are focused on organic and natural production of a broad range of styles, and it's well worth discovering.


Organic, minimal added sulphites