AA Badenhorst Kaapse Dief Caperitif Vermouth Lot 9 750ml


The Caperitif is the original aperitif from South Africa, forgotten for nearly over almost 100 years the knowen as the "ghost ingredient," a spirit that kept showing up in cocktail recipes from the early 20th century. It has now been revived by maverick winemaker Adi Badenhorst (AA Badenhorst wines) and Danish mixologist Lars Erik Lyndgaard Schmidt. Caperitif is a fortified and aromatized wine similar to vermouth, made bitter with cinchona bark, a major ingredient in tonic water. Like its European cousins Lillet and quinquina, it's a near perfect aperitif — at once deeply fruity and herbal, sweet and bitter but not too, with aromas of citrus, cola and tea. 

Caperitif is awesome in a long refreshing drink with tonic or a great substitute for a bitter (L'Opera or Campari) in a white Negroni.