Fromm Pinot Gris Organic 2019


Just a heads up, skin contact whites are something we’re definitely seeing more of. They’re known as Amber or Orange wines when made in a pronounced style, but consider this wine a gentle little introduction.

Usually white wine is made by pressing the juice from the skins fairly immediately. The juice for this Pinot Gris however, is given about 20 hours of skin contact. The result is a wine with more ginger and spice, more density of flavour and a nice, dry grip on the finish. It remains citrusy fresh too.

Fromm established in the 90’s around the same time as a lot of Marlborough stalwarts, but they’ve always marched wonderfully to the beat of their own drum. Hätsch Kalberer leads the band with a ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Organically grown fruit comes from 3 vineyards that are densely planted and close to the ground. A celebrated producer that should be even more..... celebrated.


Organic, Skin Contact