Thomson Whisky South Island Peat Progress Report 700ml


In making this whisky, south Island peat is used to toast the the locally grown malts before the fermentation and distilling process. The impact of which can be seen in this progress report, offering up herbaceous, earthy, sweet vanilla aroma's. Which is backed up on the palate with a maratime saltiness along with the famed iodine-like flavour and finishing with a puff smoke. This is a really exciting style of whisky being made in New Zealand, which is perfect if you like the more smokey, peated, Islay styles. 

While Scotch has overwhelmingly been the bench mark in the world of whisky, things are changing fast. Japanese whisky is rarer than hens teeth and Tasmanian whisky's are racking up prestigious accolades all over the world. That’s why it’s so exciting to see the Thomson team blazing the whisky trail right here in NZ. They staunchly use only New Zealand grown malts, Manuka and locally sourced peat. Thomson whisky are the driving force for a regional style of New Zealand whisky recognised around the world.