Hastings Distillers Posy 700ml


Posy is made like all the beautiful Hastings Distillers gins with one extra step, the addition of organic raspberries and hibiscus after the distillation process. The result is a gin liqueur that has a delicate pink hue with fresh citrus and raspberry notes and subtle sweetness. 

The brilliance of posy is its versatile nature. It can create a highly refreshing low sugar version of a Tom Collins (Ice, Posy, a squeeze of Lemon Juice, soda water). It's also a great way to spice up the G&T. And is a dessert Martini a thing? 

Hastings Distillers are New Zealand’s first producer of certified organic artisan spirits and liqueurs. The artisans behind it are Kate Galloway and David Ramonteu. On the back of their extensive background in winemaking they set out to create sophisticated, unique spirits and liqueurs.