Kiwi Espresso Martini


What do you do when a supermodel walks into your bar and asks for something to "wake me up, and then f**k me up". That supermodel is said to have been either Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, the bar was Fred's Club in Soho, London. And it was famed barman Dick Bradsell who made the Espresso Martini up on the spot. 

Now known around the world as a great way to start or finish the night, the Espresso Martini is a cocktail icon. Keep it on hand or gift it, our Kiwi Espresso Martini Pack is made up of three outstanding New Zealand products. All you need is a shaker and some ice and you're away.

Pack Includes:

Burnt Hill Vodka 700ml

Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur 500ml

All Press 20 Coffee Shots 500ml