Champagne Clandestin Les Semblables Boréal


This is a curiosity, a stylish one. It’ll satiate Champagne geeks, and delight the rest. It’s classically framed with bracing, mineral freshness. Less classical are the aromatics of wild red fruits and bramble. We sense a real purity of place with this Blanc de Noirs (100% Pinot Noir). Fruit is hand picked from West-facing, organically certified, Côte de Bar vineyards. It’s aged in large format oak and bottled without dosage.

Clandestin translates to ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’. Given the tiny quantity we’ve got our hands on, it was tempting to keep this a secret and drink it ourselves. Bertrand Gautherot from Vouette et Sorbée and his son in law Benoit Doussot have teamed up with a particular focus. Vineyards chosen for Champagne Clandestin must be sites that are West or North West facing (more sun exposed, South facing vineyards are usually the preference). As with Vouette et Sorbée, organic and biodynamic principles are practiced.